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At Clennett Creations we offer a unique service where you can choose to buy a hand-painted original portrait as well as prints. Robyn is an artist who specialises in painting portraits from photos. These paintings have a celebrity status. Pink, the Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter, has one of Robyn’s paintings on the wall of her California home. Pink has sold over 40 million records worldwide.

You too can have your own ‘celebrity’ status and own a painting by celebrity artist Robyn.

Take a look through our gallery for examples of Robyn’s work.

Portraits price list

All we need is a high resolution image to get started. You can choose to have a photo from one of your photo sessions painted, your own photo or your favourite celebrity.

A4….£80 (fits one person)*
A3….£100 (fits up to two people)*
A2….£150 (fits up to four people)*
A1….£200 (fits up to seven people)*

*The prices above are based on only one person being in the painting, please add £10.00 per extra person in A3 and A2 and £20.00 per extra person in A1.

You will receive your painting in a poster tube, if you require framing please ask for prices.

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